Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PREPARE for a marriage...Premarital counseling

I am pleased to be offering couples services using the PREPARE/ENRICH set of inventories. In addition to my training and experience as a marriage & family therapist, I have received additional training to use the PREPARE/ENRICH program. PREPARE/ENRICH is a research based curriculum and set of inventories that is used for couples as a premarital counseling guide, and also for married couples to improve and enhance their relationship.
PREPARE/ENRICH starts out with the couple taking an inventory that covers issues such as personality traits, family of origin map, communication style, and beliefs and expectations about significant issues for couples such as finances and children. I use the results of these inventories to help couples learn to communicate more effectively, resolve conflict proactively, and focus on goals as a couple. There are usually 4-6 structured sessions where together we focus on preparing a couple for marriage.
Many couples spend more time planning the wedding or commitment ceremony itself than they do preparing for their future as a married couple. Marriage is hard work…it takes a lot of effort and skills that just aren’t typically taught in a classroom. I encourage all couples that are considering making a lifetime commitment to consider a program of preparation such as PREPARE/ENRICH in order to maximize the potential of their relationship.
See also www.prepare-enrich.com