Thursday, October 9, 2008

Financial crisis and psychotherapy

In recent publications such as The Sacramento Bee and The Wall Street Journal, along with news programs, the financial crisis has been paired with personal distress. It's no secret that if you are worried about money your emotional well-being can suffer, relationships can begin to fray, and other problems (health, school, work) can begin to spiral under the pressure. Several of these stories have noted that the ironic thing is that while a lot of people NEED therapy right now that it is difficult to AFFORD it.
In response to this, I encourage people to take advantage of programs such as their employer sponsored Health Savings Account (HSA) that would allow them to set aside pre-tax dollars to use for medical expenses which usually include counseling. I also offer a few sliding scale appointment slots, one pro-bono slot, along with a student discount, and I do accept credit cards.
Emotional distress can cause and exacerbate health problems, cause missed work, and also force people back into unhealthy coping skills such as eating and shopping that can cost a lot of money and cause even more distress. Therapy is indeed an investment but usually one in yourself that pays huge dividends. If all else fails I am happy to provide referrals to wonderful organizations that provide low-cost therapy. Right now nobody should be going without needed support during such difficult times.